Summer Workout Routine for Players

Young hockey players need to enjoy summer but some training will be important for tryouts come fall.

Move it: Essential pre-game exercises for moving well on the ice

What should a player do to prepare their body before a game? Skating around the rink before a game or practice is a great way to increase player’s core temperature, […]


Competitive Sports are They a Good or Bad Thing?

Should your kids really be playing hockey or any sport at a highly competitive level? Are there some serious, long-term, mental costs to their involvement?   When it comes to […]


How to Make the Perfect Saucer Pass

A saucer pass spins like a UFO through the air, hence the name. The key in making a successful saucer pass is to start the puck at the heel of the blade, and slice the blade as you follow through. I like to compare the motion to a cut serve in table tennis.


Your Hockey Path — Where will it lead you?

One of my favourite times of year is when I enter the classroom setting with our various skills academies and discuss hockey opportunities around the world. Hockey has been an […]


Male vs. Female Hockey Players — Should Training Methods Differ?

When it comes to training male and female hockey players, I don’t use any special exercises or programs that differ between the two sexes. My experience and research over the years hasn’t […]


Spring Into Spring Hockey With These Powerful Nutrition Tips

Whether you are a beginner or experienced athlete, staying properly fuelled while training or competing is a challenge. However, with a little nutrition knowledge and few skills in the kitchen, you […]


Are You A Winning Coach? 10 Signs You May Have Lost Your Way

Just like you and me, no coach is perfect. And let’s face it, no matter how great a job a coach is doing, he or she will never be able […]